Minnesota Business Entity Search | Process To Perform MN Name Search

The secretary of state has all the records of existing and non-existing businesses in the state. While forming an LLC in MN, conduct a Minnesota business entity search. To perform the search, the MN secretary of state website will help you through. To learn the process, methods and naming guidelines before searching, refer to our article. We will guide you through and make you conduct an easy name search.

Why Do Minnesota Business Entity Search?

To search for a unique name for your LLC in Minnesota, a Minnesota business entity search is a must. You will certainly find all the records of existing entities in the state. While you perform the search, there are certain important guidelines that you have to go through. Minnesota SOS site will help you search. The entity search helps you form a legal place in the state. It enables you to check the records of existing and dissolved businesses.

Minnesota business entity search SOS

MN LLC Naming Guidelines

To avoid using an existing name, performing a Minnesota business entity search is a must. But, before you perform the search go through the Minnesota LLC search guide. It will help you check the availability of your desired name.

  • You have to necessarily avoid using restricted words
  • Do not refer to your business as a government agency
  • Using abbreviations like LLC, L.L.C or the phrase Limited Liability Company is a must.
  • Certainly, use a distinguished name for your MN LLC

MN Corporation Naming Guidelines

Minnesota corporation search guidelines are quite similar to what we mentioned above for LLCs. But still, go through the points given below to know more.

  • You have to necessarily add words like corporation, incorporation or corp at the end of the name
  • Do not refer to your business as a legal lawsuit
  • Strictly avoid using words like an attorney, university, bank or treasury
  • Come up with a unique name for your MN corporation

Methods for Minnesota Business Entity Search

While naming an LLC/corporation in MN, there are certain rules and methods that you have to keep in mind. These rules will help you name your business uniquely. It will create a legal place and gain security in the state. To perform an MN business entity search, visit the Minnesota SOS website. Refer to the following methods that will help you search for a perfect name.

1. Search through Business Name: Enter a business name in the cell and check the availability of your desired name. There are three criteria given – search scope, filing status and including prior names. You can only enter a portion of your name in the search box.

2. Search by Filing Number: You can definitely enter a file number given the existing business in the state. The results will help you find the availability of your desired name. It will show you whether the name you choose is already in use or not. Similarly, the search box below contains the same criteria mentioned above.

Minnesota business entity search

Process To Do Minnesota Business Entity Search

Once you know the methods to check the availability of a business name, let’s move further to know how to perform it. Follow the process we have mentioned below and you will surely be able to perform a quick MN business entity search.

1. Make a List: List out the desired names that you want for your MN LLC/corporation. It will help you search for different results with extra names.

2. Do an MN Business Entity Search: Visit the Minnesota SOS website to conduct a business entity search. Once you enter the name or filing number, it will show you the results.

3. Check the Results: Review the results and then finalise the name for your business. If you find out that there are any similarities between your chosen name and the existing one, then avoid using it.

4. Reserve your Business Name: Double-check the name you have chosen. If you are still not sure, you have an option to reserve it. You can reserve the name by filling a fee of $29 plus Minnesota state fees to the MN secretary of state.

5. Register your Business: Secure your business by registering it with the MN secretary of state. It will legally give you the authorisation of your business. Minnesota SOS have all the records of businesses in the state so it is necessary to register your LLC/corporation as well.

Other Considerations After Doing Business Entity Search

While going through this post, till now you might have clearly understood the necessary steps to run a business entity search. But, there is still a point which you probably don’t want to miss out on. Consider the following points as well after you perform the MN business entity search.


1. Trademark Search: Once you are sure about the name’s availability, conduct a trademark search. There is a possibility that the name you have chosen has already been registered for trademark. You can visit the USPTO website to perform an easy trademark search.

2. Get a Domain Name: Once you get a web domain with the same name as your business, your business name is secured. No one in the future will be able to acquire it. The URL of your business name will be live proof in case of future litigations.

3. Social Media Name Availability: The name of your business has to be available on all social media platforms. In this modern age, people search for a business presence on social media first. Make sure that it is easy for your clients to search your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I know if the name has already have registered trademark?

You can search through U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System and know whether someone has already trademarked your name or not.

2. How to register Minnesota corporate name?

You can reserve a Minnesota corporate name by filling $29 plus Minnesota state fees to the secretary of state.

3. How much does it cost to start an LLC in Minnesota?

If you start an LLC in Minnesota online, it will cost you $155 and by mail, it will cost you $135.

4. What is Minnesota good standing certificate?

Minnesota good standing certificates applies the state that the business is active and running with good terms.

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