Wyoming Business Entity Search Methods with Considerations to Name Your LLC/Corporation

The name you want for your Wyoming business should be distinguishable and valid to use under the WY state laws. You may look up existing businesses or check for business name availability by completing a Wyoming business entity search. This guide covers simple instructions on how to do a WY business search for all business types – including LLCs and corporations.

Why Do Wyoming Business Entity Search?

As a general rule, you can’t and shouldn’t name your business after an existing entity in the state. The Wyoming secretary of state keeps a record of all registered businesses in the state and your name shouldn’t be similar to any of these businesses. By conducting a Wyoming business entity search on the WY SOS business centre, you can easily find a unique name for your LLC or corporation.

With a name similar to another business, you won’t be able to register your LLC or corporation with the WY SOS. You’ll have to pay the necessary fees again for your business formation.

Wyoming secretary of state

Wyoming LLC Naming Guidelines

The following are some important key points that’ll help to do a Wyoming LLC search to name your limited liability company.

  • Your preferred name has to include the phrase limited liability company or limited company or one of its abbreviations (LLC or LC).
  • The name of a low profit limited liability company should have either of the following words. – L3C, l3c, low profit limited liability co., low-profit ltd. liability company or low-profit ltd. liability co.
  • Your chosen name shouldn’t imply that the LLC is doing a different business than the purpose you’re gonna mention in your formation documents (Articles of Organization).
  • You cannot use a word or phrase that indicates that your LLC is formed under the WY Business Corporation Act, WY Statutory Close Corporation Supplement, or the Non-profit Corporation Act.
  • Your LLC name should be different from any existing business that’s still active in the state. This also includes WY reserved names.

Wyoming Corporation Naming Guidelines

These are the key points that’ll help you do a Wyoming corporation search to name your corporation business in the state.

  • Your name cannot imply that the corporation is formed for any unlawful purpose or one not outlined in its articles of incorporation.
  • The name shouldn’t imply that your corporation is doing an unlawful business.
  • Your name shouldn’t suggest that the corporation is doing a different type of business than the purpose you’re gonna mention in the formation documents (Articles of Incorporation).
  • You’re going to need special approval from the State to use words related to Banking and Education.
  • The name should be distinguishable from any existing business in WY – including Wyoming reserved names.

Methods to Conduct A Wyoming Business Entity Search

The Wyoming SOS business centre can help you find all the necessary information about registered businesses in the state. You can do a WY business search in the following ways.

Wyoming business entity search1. Search A Filing Name – This helps you check for name availability for your preferred business names. You may also search existing businesses (such as – Papa John’s) and know their status (active/inactive), name type, filing id., mailing address, fictitious name, etc.

2. Search A Filing ID – A filing ID is a unique number assigned to all registered businesses in Wyoming. You’ll also have your own once your business is officially formed in the state. Searching this number will show you a single entity associated with that number.

Wyoming Business Entity Search Process

These simple steps will help you find a perfect name for your LLC or corporation that’s available to use. You’ll have to complete a name availability check for your preferred names. Follow the steps.

1. Make A List of Names – First, you should make a list of your preferred names so that you could find a name easily.

2. Search the Names – Visit the Wyoming SOS business search page and search all names one by one. Separate the names that aren’t currently occupied by any other business.

Wyoming Name Availability

3. Check Results and Finalize A Name – Avoid using any name that’s nearly identical to another existing business. You should only finalize a name that doesn’t have a result for businesses with a similar name.

4. Reserve the Name (optional) – If you aren’t ready to register your business officially in the state then reserving it is a good idea. For an LLC or corporation, you may file the online WY LLC name reservation or Corporation name reservation application. Both cost a $60 filing fee to hold a name for 120 days.

5. Register Your Business – You may skip the reservation and register your corporation or LLC with the WY secretary of state. The name becomes yours once your business is officially formed.

Other Considerations For Naming A Business

Other than performing a Wyoming business entity search, there are some other key points you should be aware of. These will make sure that your business doesn’t face any trouble in the long run.

1. Trademark Search – It’s also important to perform a WY trademark search to ensure that your name isn’t violating a registered trademark in the state. This will save you from any future litigation.

2. Web Domain – You need to claim a web domain that’s identical to your legal name. You should check if the name is also available as a URL and acquire the URL to prevent others from using it.

3. Social Media Check – Social media platforms certainly improve your online presence. You need to check if the name is not taken by another verified account on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to register a DBA name in Wyoming?

It is not mandatory to register a DBA name in Wyoming. However, if your business is famous with a name other than your official registered name, then you should register a BDA by filing an Application for Registration of Trade Name.

2. What's the cost of business name reservation in Wyoming?

The WY SOS charges a $60 online application fees to reserve a business name in the state.

3. How do I find a business owner's name in Wyoming?

You may search the business name on the Wyoming SOS business search centre and it'll show you all necessary info about that business including its owner.

4. How do I file a trademark in Wyoming?

You may fill the online application for Wyoming registration of trade or service mark. The trademark lasts for 5 years and it will cost you a $100 filing fee.

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