Nevada Business Entity Search | A Thorough Guide To Name Your LLC

Before forming an LLC/corporation, make sure the name you desire is available. The first step of a business is to select the name. To start a business in Nevada, you surely have to conduct a Nevada business entity search. The search will help you reserve the name and register your business. The business has to get itself registered with the Nevada secretary of state.

What is Nevada Business Entity Search?

Although you are sure of the name of your business, you still have to perform a Nevada business entity search. The search will help you pick a unique name for your business. It is a necessary step to perform a name search and know about existing businesses in the state. It ensures that the name is available to use. The name that you search for should meet the requirements of the state.

Even though your business name should be unique, it should also meet state laws. Not even a single phrase or word of your business name should be identical to the existing one. While forming your business follow the guidelines given below in your mind.

Nevada business entity search SOS

Nevada LLC Naming Guide

Certainly, the name of your business is unique but before forming it, you have to heed the following guidelines.

  • The name should avoid involving in any illegal activities
  • It should include Limited Liability Company or its abbreviation LLC or L.L.C
  • Precisely choose a name which is not identical to an existing one
  • Avoid including words like FBI, Agency or State Department

Nevada Corporation Naming Guide

Chiefly follow the Nevada corporation naming guide given below while forming an LLC in Nevada. Make sure you follow the guidelines to meet state requirements.

  • The name you have in your mind should be unique
  • It should include corp, corporation or incorporation in the end
  • The business name should not represent itself as an agency
  • It should avoid adding the words like an attorney, treasury or bank

NV Business Entity Search Method

The NV business entity search methods will help you know whether your desired name is available or not. It will show all the information about existing entities in the state. NV secretary of state has a list of all the existing and working businesses in the state. Before you visit the Nevada SOS website, go through the following ways to conduct a Nevada business entity search.

1. Entity number search: You can ensure the name you desire by searching with an entity number. This number is allocated to all the businesses in NV.

2. NV business Id number: You can perform your search by looking for an ID number of businesses in the state. It will help you mark the names if it already been registered or not.

3. Search by office name: the business names can be searched directly look by entering the official name of an office.

4. Search by registered agent name: Registered agent represents the business and looks after all the legal notices. You can search the name of the registered agent and check the availability.

Nevada business entity search

Advanced Methods to do NV Business entity Search

Apart from the basic methods to search for business entities, there are other advances as well. They are a secondary option to do an NV business entity search.

  • Search by type: You can also search the name on the SOS website through the type of the business.
  • Search by status: Another way of checking the availability of an entity name is through status. You have selected the currency of the business to check the result.

NV business entity search

Process of Nevada Business Entity Search

Enrol your business name legally by following the process of Nevada business entity search. As soon as you register the name of the business with the state you will be able to claim other authorities. Go through the process we have given below.

1. Make a list: To avoid choosing an existing name, make a list of your desired names. The list will help you narrow down the procedure.

2. Do an NV business entity search: Once you have your desired name, perform a Nevada business entity search. The name search will help you discover the existing names in the state.

3. Go through the results: Check the results of your search. It will help you avoid using existing names. Pick a distinctive name that suits your business type.

4. Reserve the name: You can reserve your desired name for 90 days by filling $25 to the Nevada SOS. It will secure your name for 90 days and if it expires, you can again reserve it by filling the same amount. You can do it online or by mail.

5. Register your business: Once you set your business name register it with the secretary of state. However, if you have confirmed the non-existence of your name then it is valid to register.

Consider Other Things While Performing NV Business Entity Search

You have to simultaneously consider other points as well while forming an LLC/corporation in Nevada. Other considerations are as follows.


1. Trademark search: It might be possible that your name is registered for a trademark in advance. So to avoid that, you have to conduct a trademark search.

2. Web domain: To secure your name, you should get a domain. Try to get the same name for your domain as your business name. The URL will help secure your name and avoid others to acquire it in future.

3. Social media: Search the availability of your business name on every social media platform. A social media presence of your business is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For how many days a name can be reserved in Nevada?

You can reserve your business name for 90 days in Nevada.

2. What are the restricted words that should be avoided while forming a name for LLC/corporation?

Words like university, attorney, university, agency, and a bank should be avoided while doing a name search.

3. What to do if I have to reserve the business name online?

You will need to create a Silverflume account to reserve the name of your business online.

4. Does use the same trademark name as other business, disqualify you?

Yes, by taking the same trademark name as another business you create a risk. That's why it directly disqualifies you.

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