New Jersey Business Entity Search | Process & Reasons To Set Up An LLC in NJ

A business entity’s search for your new startup gets confusing at times. Especially when you’re unsure about a name you’ve chosen. Perform a New Jersey business entity search before forming your corporation in the state. Let’s start by learning about the many types of entity searches. We will guide you through different steps to get a business name and how you can make the process much easier. 

Why do New Jersey Business Entity Search?

For starters, you have to always keep one thing in mind while doing the New Jersey business entity search, you can never take an existing name. This is why you need to conduct a business entity search. Your names should compile all the requirements that are bid by the state. Go through the New Jersey secretary of state’s official site. Carrying out a New Jersey name search with the help of an NJ business entity search will build the new identity of your LLC.

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New Jersey LLC Naming Guide

Remember to choose a relevant name for your New Jersey LLC so that your potential clients can easily find your organisation. Keep the following aspects in mind while forming a New Jersey name search. 

  • The end of the utterance should contain the phrase Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations like LLC or L.L.C. 
  • Your name should not confuse any legal entity or government agency
  • Avoid using restricted words. If you use words like attorney, bank, or university, it may require an additional paperwork 
  • The name of your New Jersey LLC should not be similar or identical to any existing business in New Jersey. 

New Jersey Corporation Naming Guide

Before doing a New Jersey corporation search, you have to be aware of the naming guide to choose a valid name that will be acceptable.

  • Add a phrase – Limited Liability Corporation or either of the abbreviation like company, corporation or incorporated. 
  • Avoid phrases that represent it as a government agency. 
  • The name should not be involved in any illegal activities 

Note: While doing a New Jersey corporation search, choose a name that is valid and for which you can claim a URL in future. 

New Jersey Business Entity Search Methods

You can conduct a New Jersey business entity search to find available names. As the SOS site already have all the record, you can access it in different ways to narrow down the result. This would be helpful if you looking to search for existing business details as well.

  • Search By Name: Fill in as many names as you are sure of and check the availability
  • Search By Entity ID: The ID provides to you by the New Jersey secretary of state department will help you check the availability of the name for your LLC
  • Keyword Search: Fill out the box by entering five keywords from your name, slogan or logos selected.

New Jersey Name Search Criteria

To check the availability of your desired name, you have to do a New Jersey business entity search on the official site of the State. 

  • Visit New Jersey SOS official site which guides you to search for the names available
  • A “%” will be shown after you type a name that represents a wild card
  • Avoid the ending designators like “LLC” or “Inc”

New Jersey Business Entity Search Process

A very simple process should be followed for the New Jersey SOS business search:

  1. Think of a business name – Given the guidelines above, choose a business name that suits your business product/service and also matches your vision and purpose.
  2. Search for your business name – Use the NJ secretary of state’s website and find out whether your name is available or not.
  3. Check result – If the result is not what you searched for then the name is available. You may find a few results which are similar to the name you’re searching for.
  4. Reserve your business name (Optional) – Reservation of New Jersey business entity names can be done for 120 days. Foreign name search gets 365 days after reserving the name. Pay a filing fee of $50 while reserving the name of your firm, online or by mail. If you want your application to have a special priority online, you have to pay $25 more.
  5. Register your business name – If you are not looking to reserve your name, move on and register your business so that no one else can take your business name.

This complete process can be done on the NJ SOS website. It is also important that you understand the importance of choosing a valid name. Also, how it could affect other business decisions.

Other Considerations Before Choosing Your Business Name

New Jersey business entity search is a straightforward process. Nevertheless, you should consider a few things before you choose a name. Here is what you should consider and why?

Web Domain – Before you choose a name, you should check whether your business name is also available as a domain name or not. Having the same business and domain name will be easy for your audience to remember and locate.


Searching For A Trademark – A trademark search will help you know whether there is any registered trademark on your name or not. This will prevent you from future litigation. You can follow two different processes to check out the availability of a trademark in New Jersey.

  • Search through New Jersey’s trademark records to check if the business name, slogans and logos are not repetitive
  • Search through electronic records of the U.S. patent & trademark office. It will show you if there’s any trademark federally associated with your firm’s name. 

Social Media Search – The name you are choosing should be available on all social media platforms. Search the name you have reserved on each social media site or you can use your preferred tool to check the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How must does it cost to reserve your business name ?

A filing fee of $50 has to be paid while reserving your entity name

2. How can you check the availability of the business name in New Jersey?

You can visit the official website of New Jersey called the New Jersey secretary of state's website

3. How many days does reserving a name in new Jersey takes place?

The name is reserved for 120 days in New Jersey

4. What is LLC?

LLC means Limited Liability Company

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