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Are you seeking out a great place to upgrade your fashion at the best prices? Shop at Pacsun with a Pacsun student discount. If you are currently an active status student then you can take advantage of the policy.

Go through our full guide to know how the policy works and where to claim the discount. Make your shopping experience convenient by saving big on your new style.

Pacsun Student Discount Policy

Pacsun provides an extra 10% off on their everyday sales and offers to all students under the Pacsun student discount policy. Access the discount by verifying your active student status. Once after registering for the discount you can easily use the promo code to get your favorite items online.

Pacsun student discount policy

Pacsun Student Discount
Discount Rate
Where to Claim?
Contact Pacsun
Official Website

Steps to Claim Student Discount at Pacsun

Make your shopping spree count by getting special student prices on all items. Before you request a discount during checkout, make sure you get verified. Register your student status by following the steps given below.

  • Visit the Pacsun student discount page
  • Click on Join Now or log in if you already have a UNiDAYS account
  • You will be directed to students’ “Join Now UNiDAYS” page
  • Enter all your details and submit
  • You will be verified only after confirming that you are above the age of 16

Which Exclusions Apply to the Discount?

There are some exclusive brands where Pacsun will not accept your student discount request. The list of brands on which you cannot use your offer is given below.

InEligble Brands for Discount
Dr. Martens
Studio by Supervsn
Fear Of God - FOG
FOG - Fear Of God
John Galt
Free People
Yellow Rat Bastard
Boys Lie
Ryan Destiny
Land Rover

Can I Use Pacsun Student Discount In-store?

Well, you might not be able to use the Pacsun student in-store. Although, you can locate the nearest Pacsun store to solve your query. Go to any store associate or help center to ask whether you can use the student discount in-store or not. They will guide you through the process if it works in any of the Pacsun stores.

Pacsun store

Other Benefits at Pacsun

Students can take advantage of other benefits and deals at Pacsun apart from the student discount. The list of extra offers that the brand gives is as follows:

  • Create a Pacsun account to get free shipping and the latest drop alerts
  • Simply sign up to get $5 rewards
  • Refer a friend to get 20% off your purchases
  • Visit Pacsun promotions to get various coupons and promo codes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get student discount on all Pacsun items?

No, there are some select brands on which you cannot use your student discount.

2. AM I eligible to claim discount on every purchase?

Yes, you can claim your student discount on every purchase.

3. Can my family or friends use my student discount at Pacsun?

No, only the student who got verified with UNiDAYS can use the discount.

4. Can I use the discount with any other coupons?

Yes, you can merge the discount with other coupons to save big on your purchases.

Alternate Stores That Offer Student Discounts

Pacsun is not the only store that offers special prices for students. You can browse through our guide to find out about other similar stores with a student discount policy. Here we have listed out some of the similar stores for you to check their policy in detail.

  • ASOS
  • Shein
  • Lulu’s
  • Forever 21


Hope our blog was helpful to you. Remember, you must get yourself registered and verified with UNiDAYS first. This will make you eligible for the Pacsun student discount. Get a major discount on your everyday purchases. Take advantage of their extra benefits that you can enjoy only by signing up for a Pacsun account. For any more queries, you can contact the store associate or chat with the Pacsun support team online.

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