Pottery Barn Military Discount | Here is What You Should Know [Updated]

Looking to save some bucks shopping at Pottery Barn. One such program can be the Pottery Barn military discount. This program is often commenced to appreciate the military members of the country. Although not all stores provide it for some reason or the other, So does Pottery Barn offer a military discount?

We will find out what is the latest update and whether you can save some bucks with your purchases at Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Military Discount Policy

It is unsure whether the Pottery Barn military discount is offered to eligible members or not at the moment. They surely did before. They used to offer a 15% discount on purchases from stores and online. All eligible military members could enjoy this benefit after their verification.

After 2021, they no longer continued this program for some reason. They offered this discount to active military, retired military, and even veterans.

Pottery Barn Inside Store

Does Pottery Barn Offer First Responder Discount?

No, Pottery Barn does not offer a first responder discount as well. They are the same as military discounts, the only difference would be the eligibility. We would still recommend you contact the nearest store to enquire about the same.

Other Alternatives For Military Discounts

Now if you are still looking for some similar benefits, there are other alternatives for you. We have many guides that can help you to benefit in your shopping. Here are some similar stores and popular stores that might interest you.


So, you won’t be able to enjoy the Pottery Barn military discount at the moment. Although we would recommend you to keep yourself updated. As they used to offer this discount before, they might again come up with it.

If you have any queries regarding the offer at Pottery Barn, you can either get in touch with them or use our comment section to let us know.

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