REI Return Policy | Easy Returns & Exchanges For Your Outdoor Gear

REI, a company known for its quality outdoor clothing and gear, once offered a lifetime warranty on products. They allow you to change certain used products for new ones. REI return policy is very flexible, it allows customers a hassle-free shopping experience. Though its return policy is different for various products.

In this article, we will see how the company guarantees customer satisfaction with its generous return policy for refunds and exchanges. And how you can save money on your bad shopping experience.

What is REI Return Policy?

REI provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on their new and old products. According to the REI return policy, unsatisfied customers who are members of the REI Co-op can return the new products within 365 days from the date of product purchase.

Also, non-members can return products within 90 days from the date of purchase.  Although outdoor electronics products would be eligible for returns or exchange for 90 days after the purchase. Moreover, the return policy doesn’t cover returns on items with wear/tear or damaged (by improper use or accident) goods.

REI Return Policy
Return Window
Non-Members-90 Days
Co-op Members- 365 Days
Return Method
Contact Info.
Official Website

What are the Ways to Return at REI?

If you are returning a holiday gift to REI or just need something that fits better, you don’t have to rush right out — REI allows Co-op members up to a year to return an item, and non-members up to 90 days. You must make sure that you have the original receipt. Along with this, you must be within the eligible return period for your item. Only then the return will be accepted under REI return policy.

REI In-store Returns

You can return items purchased either in-store or online to any REI location. Once you find your nearest local REI store, simply take the items you wish to return to the customer service desk and the REI staff will assist you from there. Here is what you’ll need.

  1. Original product packaging
  2. Tags, if available
  3. Proof of purchase – either a receipt from in-store purchases or the order number from the email confirmation if you purchased online
  4. In case of any issue take help from the REI help center

Make sure to keep your receipts as proof of purchase, whether it is a paper receipt or email confirmation, since without either of these things, returning items to REI will be difficult. There is a chance REI can look up the credit card you used to purchase the item to see if it’s in the system and verify your purchase if no receipt.

REI Online Returns

You can return online or in-store purchases through the mail. If you are mailing an in-store purchase, be aware that your refund will be issued via check. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

  1. Sign in on
  2. Select the option for Return Online Orders or Return In-store Purchases
  3. Fill out the prompts accordingly.
  4. Print your shipping label or get a QR code for paperless drop-off.
  5. Take the return package to your preferred mailing facility.
  6. Place the return shipping label on the invoice with your name and address.

REI Returns by Call/Mail

It is important to note that when you return items to REI by mail, $5.99 will be deducted from your refund, as they use that to cover the cost of shipping when you use the prepaid shipping label.

According to REI Return Policy, you can file your return report with the help of an email or call and give the package to the nearest REI store.

  1. You can call REI on the number: 001-253-891-2500 or for email login on
  2. Request for return and provide them with necessary details.
  3. Drop the package at the nearest REI store.
  4. Hand over the product with the original package

How to Return an Item Without a Receipt?

To return your item at REI, you can get a REI membership card for a lifetime ($20 for the card). With the help of this card, you don’t need a receipt for any type of return or exchange process. REI return policy allows its customers an easy and convenient return process.

You can call the customer helpline number and provide them with all the necessary order details like the order number, name, etc. Once your order is traced and verification is done, you can simply proceed with the process.

Apart from this, REI gives out unreal discounts to build on its generous name. You might want to look at REI Employee and Military Discounts.

REI Shoe Return Policy

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with REI. The company is known for its high-quality gear, clothing, and footwear. But what happens if you buy a pair of shoes from REI and they don’t fit quite right? Is it easy to return them? The answer is Yes.

According to REI return policy, the company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, including shoes. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one year if you’re a member or within 90 days if you’re not a member. Keep the tags intact and the product should be in its original packaging.

REI Return Policy Exceptions and Non-Eligible Items

However, REI does allow you to return items for refunds or exchanges for most of their catalog. But there are always a few exceptions. Certain items are not eligible for REI return policy for both members and non-members of the REI Co-op. They include but are not limited to the following.

  • Damaged gear
  • Electronics (such as monitors, cameras, communication devices, or GPS-enabled devices)
  • Final sale items
  • Unwashed/ Used Gear

REI Exchange Policy

Exchanging any item requires you to follow the REI return policy properly. Exchanging is not possible with any product you want. Your purchase will decide what items can be exchanged with it. You can’t request any exchange with the help of email. You can call REI at 1-800-426-4840 or visit your nearest store.

REI Exchange Policy
Exchange Period
Within 90 Days
Exchange Method

REI Refund Policy

Under the REI refund policy, your refund will be done in the same payment method that you used during the payment online. If you want to return your product to the store, then you will be given a refund in the form of cash (only if you had paid with cash). If you have mailed the return online and your payment method is PayPal then your refund will be credited to PayPal only.

REI Refund Policy
Refund Period
Within 10 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

Alternative Stores With Return Policy

Now, unlike REI, some other stores do offer return policies. Their policy might vary so you need to understand them first. To help you with that, we have created a comprehensive guide. Here are some of the retail shops, you might want to check out:

  • Lululemon
  • Nike

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I return used items to REI?

Yes, you can return used items to REI. However, you can only return items that are not damaged due to improper use and do not show signs of wear and tear.

2. Do I need to pay the shipping fees on online returns?

Yes, you’ll be charged a $5.99 return shipping fee when using the prepaid shipping label.

3. Can I return online purchases In-store?

Yes, just bring the item in for a refund or even exchange to any REI location.

4. Is their any exceptions to the 365 days?

Yes, there are two exceptions- outdoor electronics and used gears

Final Thoughts

However, REI has a customer-friendly return policy. They still allow a liberal return window for REI Co-op members and non-members. The company stands behind everything it sells and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. REI return policy for shoes is straightforward and easy to understand.

REI allows customers to return their shoes for a replacement or refund within one year of the purchase date if they are an REI Co-op member, or within 90 days if they are not a member. Used items and improperly packed items would also be sent back.

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