Shein Return Policy | Explaining The Return Policy To Shop Efficiently

Did the onesie you bought recently leave a bad aftertaste? Send it back with Shein return policy before it gets too late and you are stuck with it. Shein is home to innumerable stylish apparels which are produced at a rapid pace. It has rose to the top of the online fast-fashion food chain. However, you can become a victim of product misplacement or impulsive shopping sometimes.

Not to worry as we will guide you on how to easily correct your order without jumping through hoops. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the rules to avoid errors. Lets break it down.

What is Shein Return Policy?

To begin with, Shein return policy does not take anything lightly. Even the smallest of errors can make your return null and void. You have a 35-day timeframe after the date of purchase to make your return. It is imperative that the item is in its original condition.

Moreover, there should be no sign of tampering or usage on the item. Otherwise, they will cancel your application in an upfront manner. Also, you need to keep the item tags because they are just as important.

Shein Return Policy
Return Window
35 Days
Return Method
Online Only
Contact Info.
Official Website

How Do You Start Shein Returns?

Understand that there is only a single way to return any distasteful items, i.e., online. You need to get hold of a certain return label to send your item for review. Watch your every step as even a slight mistake on our part can slow down the process significantly. Lets see what the steps stated by Shein return Ppolicy are.

  1. Log into your SHEIN ACCOUNT.
  2. Head to “My Orders” and select “Order Details” for the appropriate order.
  3. Simply click on the “Return Item” button before selecting the items you wish to return.
  4. State your reason. Press “Next Step”.
  5. Lastly, choose a return method and receive a label or a QR code.
  6. Affix the physical copy of that label on the return package with all the necessary items.
  7. Mail it to the address provided on the label.

You can download your return label from the “Return and Refund Record” button on the order details page. Leave all the tags as well as the specified items in the package without fail. If you also include any extra item, your return might take a lot longer to process.

shein return policy

Do I Have to Pay for Return Shipping?

There is absolutely no charge for the first return you make for any particular order. But if you choose to make a second return of other items from the same order, you have to pay a shipping cost of $7.99. As a result, you are better off returning all your items at once.

Can You Return Worn Clothes at Shein?

Unfortunately no. Shein return policy is firm in rejecting any return that might include worn costumes, wigs or shoes. Therefore, there is no way to bypass this condition. If it came with damage, then it is your responsibility to let them know within a few days.

Be careful as you can only judge the product at face value. In addition, the price tag along with the hygiene sticker, if present, should be in the return package. You can neither wash nor rinse the item in any capacity.

What are Non-Returnable Items at Shein?

Secondly, Shein does not tolerate the return of certain wearables and accessories. Usually, a simple look at the product description will let you know if it is eligible for returns. It also refuses to take back Free gifts for any reason. Such exceptions include

  • Bodysuits
  • Lingerie,
  • Underwear
  • Jewelry
  • Cosmetics
  • Pet products
  • Customized products.

This refusal mainly stems from the concern about hygiene. Still, you can return cosmetics if they have the hygiene seal intact. Return of personalized items is strictly prohibited by Shein return policy.

What Happens If My Return Gets Denied?

After your return package arrives at a Shien facility, it is put under scrutiny. During this, if they find any shortcomings in the stated instructions, your return will get canceled on the spot. Due to this, they will not issue any refund.

Following this, they will send the item back to the same address mentioned in the original order. Mind you they charge a fee of $7.99 for this. In some cases, they might give you a refund instead of shipping the rejected item back to you.

Shein increases shipping fee | Atoll Times

Returns are key to cost-effective shopping. You should take a look at the Amazon and Home Depot Return Policy.

Exceptions That Apply to All Shein Returns

Sometimes we accidentally cause harm to the item. But sometimes the fault is inherent. It becomes essential to know how Shein responds to both cases. You should know what type of damage can make your items ineligible for returns. Shein will not accept your item if,

  • They are worn and/or washed by you.
  • The merchandise is damaged by you.
  • If you remove the tag.
  • If you remove the hygiene sticker from personal wearables

But if your item reacts abnormally to washing, you can state your issue to their customer care and ask for a return. Besides the aforementioned cases, Shein will accept returns for broken products.

Shein Return Policy Without Receipt

Shein runs its business in the digital space alone. Because of this receipts are not needed to carry out any customer requests. Your account holds the accurate information so you just need to request for a return.

Once you receive the return label, stick it on your package and be done with it. But you do need to keep the item-related tags safe as they are vital for successful returns.

Shein Exchange Policy

Like Shein return policy, you can ask to get a replacement for your order within 35 days of invoicing. You can ask for a change in size or color of the item but not a new category altogether. Ship your product in a similar fashion to that of returns.

Shein will let you know if you are eligible for an exchange after reviewing your package for any harm. But they are well within their rights to reject an exchange application if they think it is unreasonable.

Shein Exchange Policy
Exchange Window
Exchange Method
Online Only

Know the best time to shop at Shein so you can get the best replacement for your item. You might want to know when does Shein Restock.

Shein Refund Policy

On completion of the return process, Shein will commence your refund transaction within 7 business days of receiving your package. This requires that you follow their guidelines carefully and pass their quality check. Shein will inform you of the cause if they reject your request.

You can choose if you want the refund deposited in your SHEIN wallet or in the original payment method. Further, it does not refund original shipping charges at all. Any hindrance in transportation might delay this process.

Shein Refund Policy
Refund Period
7 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Payment Account or Shein Wallet
Shipping Fee & Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you return free gifts?

No, Shein is not accepting the returns of free gifts from any category.

2. Can you cancel your return?

Yes, if you have not mailed the package yet, there is a chance to cancel your return.

3. What if I get stuck somewhere?

Don't worry, if you face any adversity call Shein customer service at 844-802-2500 and they will help you.

4. How can I return items that came damaged?

If the item was broken in the first place, you can follow the basic return process and inform Shein of the issue by call.

Shein Returns are Like Walking on a Tight Rope

To conclude, Shein return policy is very demanding as any sliver of damage on the item can render your returns unsuccessful. Remember to apply for returns within 35 days of the purchase. Now that you know the terms and conditions better you should be able to return/replace your order in an orderly fashion.

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