Apple Return Policy | A Strategic Breakdown For Guaranteed Successful Returns

Are you willing to sacrifice your money for an item that didn’t live up to the hype? No, obviously not. Apple Return Policy removes that possibility from the equation. Apple promises premium quality in its products. This x factor is responsible for their phenomenal sales. However, mistakes are likely to happen and you might not get a good end of the deal.

Therefore, you must know about the methods to return your product for a refund. This guide will walk you through its basics and the exceptions that come with it. Let’s get straight to the point.

What is the Basic Apple Return Policy?

To begin with, Apple Return Policy gives all customers the liberty to ask for a return within 14 days of the day of purchase. This includes items ordered from Apple stores or websites. However, it does not accept Apple products from third-party sites.

Any accessories and paperwork should be a part of the return. Any harm to the item, after you took it over, can be used by Apple as a basis to cancel your request. Still, it is fine to open the item for trial.

Apple Return Policy
Return Window
14 Days
Return Method
Online & In-Store
Contact Info.
Official Website

Where Can I Return My Apple Order?

Apple offers both online and in-store services that process your returns. For the latter, you only need to stroll to a nearby Apple store. Bring along the item you want to return with the receipt of the original purchase. An Apple associate will take care of it on the spot.

Apple Return Policy

Apple Return Policy Online

On the other hand, the online method of return takes more time to conclude the process. You need to adhere to the following steps to return your item digitally.

  1. Sign in to your Apple account.
  2. Open the “Order Details” page of the item in question.
  3. Click on the “Start a Return” link before pressing the ‘Get Started” button.
  4. Select the items you would like to return and “Initiate Your Return”.
  5. Follow the prompts and print your return label.
  6. Stick it on your return package and confirm a pick-up with a shipping service.
  7. Zip it and Ship it!

Note that for every package you will need a different return label. Safely repackage the item along with any additional labels or tags. Lastly, you can drop it off to a shipping agent or ask for a pick-up.

Can You Return Apple Items From Puerto Rico?

Yes, this is very much possible. However, because of internal laws, Apple Return Policy has put in place some guidelines for the completion of such returns. Follow these steps to return from the land of Puerto Rico.

  1. Find the commodity code of your item at Apple Global Trade.
  2. File an Export Declaration using the USA ACE portal.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. Return your product to the United States.

Besides this, Apple has made specific return policies for every nation. It would be wise to learn about respective policies through the Apple portal.

Apple iPhone Returns – Erase Your Footprints 

Furthermore, the return procedure for wireless devices is not as usual. The thing is your account does not terminate if you return an iPhone or iPad. This means you still have to pay any dues linked to your wireless account. Also, any agreement you signed up for using the account still holds.

So, it is necessary that you cancel your subscriptions and account before going to return your handheld device. If you still have any doubts, call their customer care at 0-800-100-9009 to get to the bottom of your issues.

Apple Return Policy Without Receipt

Apple gives out gifts on certain occasions. However, the recipient may not find the gift to be fitting to his taste. Gifts do not come with a receipt, but rest assured there is a way to return/replace such products.

You will need the serial number of the gift. Enter it on the Apple website and find out if the item is returnable. If yes, then return it to Apple with your reasoning for the same. They will issue your refund within 2 days.

Apple Holiday Return Policy – Time For Confetti

It comes as no shock that there are relaxations in its return policy that complement your holiday attitude. Moreover, any product purchased between November 3 and December 25, is eligible for a return till the 8th of January. You can leisurely replace any items according to the giftee’s wants.

Despite this, the rest of the conditions of its basic policy still apply here. Also, suppose you got an iPhone from T Mobile or another third-party store. Such returns will not fly with the holiday return policy.

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Apple Return Policy Exclusions

Apple does not accept returns for certain items with open arms. This information can help you to know if your items are within the limits of eligibility. You cannot return the following items.

  • Opened software
  • Electronic Software Downloads
  • Software Up-to-Date Program Products
  • All Apple Gift Cards
  • Apple Developer products (membership, technical support incidents, WWDC tickets)
  • Apple Print Products

Apart from this, if the number of items you wish to return is ten or more, you can only do so at the store you originally bought it from. Software that is yet to be installed and still has the seal of its media packaging intact is eligible. Try not to cause serious harm to the product.

Apple Exchange Policy

It is very much possible to get a suitable substitute for your product. You can ask for a replacement at any U.S. store if you are in possession of the receipt. Even without a receipt, your original mode of payment can help verify your order. The time period is the same as Apple Return Policy i.e., 14 days.

Secondly, you can only replace your item with what is available in store. Check the pick-up availability on before you venture out for an exchange. Any custom-made or personalized items are not eligible for exchanges. You can only get a refund for it.

Apple Exchange Policy
Exchange Window
14 Days
Exchange Method

Apple Refund Policy

What is the point of returns if you fail to get a refund? Thus, Apple issues a full refund to the original mode of payment within a week of the return request. Any failure to meet the return conditions can prolong the process.

Now, if you paid with credit or debit cards, the card-owning bank will get the refund on completion of the process. Payments done with Apple account balance will get a refund in the same account balance score. If your account balance has maxed out, they will issue the refund in the form of a gift card.

Apple Refund Policy
Refund Period
15 Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you return Apple gifts?

Yes, you can use their gifts return portal and follow the instructions to make a successful return.

2. What if my item came already broken?

In such cases, immediately contact Apple customer care or store representative and inform the issue.

3. Can you return Apple Watches?

Yes, only if the watch is in its original, undamaged and unmarked condition.

4. Can i return an object without a receipt?

Yes, if you are returning it within 14 days of the purchase, there should be no issue.

Healthy Returns To Fight Losses 

In brief, Apple Return Policy states that you get yourself a more suitable item or refund within 14 days of the date of delivery. Return of ineligible items and late applications will not be entertained. Stay in touch with an Apple executive to keep track of your returns. You can also check your e-mails for any interferences. Finally, you are all set to return a product without anybody’s help.

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