South Carolina Business Entity Search – Guidelines To Meet Naming Requirements For LLC/Corporation

In the initial stage of forming an LLC the first thing the state requires is the name of your business. Your business name should be valid in the state and cannot be repetitive. The South Carolina SOS states the naming guidelines for the type of business you want to operate in the state. Assure you do a South Carolina business entity search before registering your business in the state. To know more about this walkthrough this article.

Why Do South Carolina Business Entity Search?

The state strictly mentions doing the South Carolina business entity search to avoid using the same name which is already existing. Every entity that is running in the state has to unquestionably register its existence with the secretary of state. This will help you pick the name which is not in use and is valid.

Ensure that the name is unique and meets all the naming guidelines for your LLC/corporation. The guidelines for both types of business are similar but some of their aspects are different. You will only be able to register the name of your business if the name tends to be unique & non-existing.

South carolina business entity search

South Carolina LLC Naming Guide

The naming guidelines are pretty simple and every business has to meet the requirements while doing a South Carolina LLC search.

  • Behind the name of your business make sure to add Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations
  • Assure that the business name does not represent itself as an illegal agency
  • The name must be unique and non-existing
  • Certainly, the business name should avoid using bank or university in its name

South Carolina Corporation Naming Guide

When you perform a South Carolina corporation search, make sure the requirements given in the naming guidelines are met.

  • Necessarily add corporation, corp, or incorporation after the name ends
  • Avoid using words that represent your business as an agency or lawsuit
  • Certainly use phrases, slogans, and logo which is not used by any other corporation in the state
  • Take permission from the state while using restricted words like Bank or University and do additional paperwork for the same

South Carolina Business Entity Search Methods

As all the running businesses in the state have to register with the South Carolina SOS, you will be able to check the availability of names. Enter your desired name in the search cell given on the site. There is only one method of checking the availability of your desired name and it is by Business Name.

The results will show if the name is available or not. If the name is taken then the search results will show that there is already the usage of the name. You can search through business names in two ways:

  • Exact Name: You can enter the exact name and check the results
  • Begins With: You can enter the name of an existing business by only entering the verse from which the name begins with.


Process For South Carolina Business Entity Search

Once you know that you can check the availability of your desired name by performing a South Carolina business entity search then start the process. Walk through five easy steps to submit your form to the department of state.

1. Make a Name List: List out the names that you desire for your LLC/corporation. You can search multiple names and then pick the most valid and available one for your LLC. Make sure to choose a suitable name for your business.

2. Do SC Business Entity Search: Go through the official website of the SOS and do a South Carolina business entity search. It will show all the existing entities’ results in the state.

3. Check the Results: The results which are shown will help you pick a unique and non-existing name. You can choose the name for your LLC on which not even a single entity is running.

4. Reserve the Name: Request Divisions of Corporation to reserve the name you picked if you are not yet sure about the same. The form must be mailed to the mailing address of the secretary of state with a filing fee of $25.

5. Register your Business: To secure your business name, register it with the state after doing a South Carolina business entity search. Start your LLC in South Carolina after you have searched for the name availability.

Other Considerations While Choosing SC Business Name

Once you have met all the requirements of naming and picked the most appropriate name for your LLC/corporation you might want to check out the other considerations. Other things that you might want to consider are as follows


1. Searching for a Trademark: There is a possibility that the name that you have picked is already been registered for a trademark. To check the availability you can visit the USPTO website and start your trademark search.

2. Check Name on Social Media: Visit all the social media platforms after you have done a South Carolina business entity search on the SOS website. Search the availability of your desired name on all social media platforms.

3. Claim Domain name: Get a URL by setting a website to drive traffic on large scale. Get a domain name similar to or the same as your legal name for the business. it will secure your name and avoid others from claiming it in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does businesses in SC have to file their name with the Department of state?

Yes, every business entity has to file its name with the state SOS to legally claim its existence and secure its identity.

2. Can I amend my business name in SC?

A business has to file a certificate of amendment to change its name and plans in South Carolina.

3. How much does it cost to amend a business name in SC?

To amend or change your business name in SC, you have to pay a $110 fee to the SOS.

4. Is my trademark application service public?

Yes, the trademark application is public which allows the clients to search your business easily.

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