Wisconsin Business Entity Search – Set Up A Legal Entity Name For Your LLC/Corporation

Certainly, every new business’s most underrated aspect is naming its LLC/corporation and selecting a unique name. A business will be unquestionably able to check the availability through the process and methods of Wisconsin business entity search. Go through this post to know more.

Why Do Wisconsin Business Entity Search?  

While forming an LLC/corporation you must know the name that your business will use to represent its identity. Every business in Wisconsin has to strictly register its existence with the secretary of state. They will need the name of your business and to decide that you have to do a Wisconsin business entity search. Make sure that your desired name is not already been taken in the state. Necessarily, you have to choose a non-existing name for your business that depicts the type of business you do in the state.

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Wisconsin LLC Naming Guide

As an LLC/corporation your business filing application might get a rejection. To choose a distinguishable name for your business in the state you must do a Wisconsin LLC search by following the naming guidelines.

  • The commonly used phrase Limited Liability Company should be there after a business name
  • Certainly, the name should not refer to itself as a lawsuit
  • Strictly avoid using offensive words
  • Avoid the use of words like FBI, treasury, or university

Wisconsin Corporation Naming Guide

As long as you know the guidelines of the Wisconsin corporation search, you will not face any issues while naming your business. Check the following points.

  • Necessarily add corp, incorporation, or corporation
  • Do not represent your business as a government agency or lawsuit
  • Strictly assure that your company is not implied to any illegal businesses
  • The name should be undoubtedly distinguishable in the state of Wisconsin

Methods to do Wisconsin Business Entity Search

You can navigate the database of Wisconsin SOS through five steps which are known as methods to perform a Wisconsin business entity search. Check the methods thoroughly to start an effective name-searching process.

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1. Entity Name: In the search cell you mention the name that you desire to check the availability. The Wisconsin SOS has all the records of all the existing businesses in the state.

2. Effective Date: You have to select the “advanced search” to check the name availability. The date range will show all the registered entities in the state.

3. Entity Type: You can search by entering the type of business if you know they exist in the state. The entity type can be a single member or manage member management.

4. Registered Agent: The commonly used option of searching by a registered agent is present in the advanced search option. You can undoubtedly enter the name of a registered agent and the results will show you the name availability.

5. Current Status: You can search through the certificate of status of different entities in the state. The search results will either show existing businesses in the state or also might show dissolving entities.

Process of Wisconsin Business Entity Search

While you know the methods through which you can do a Wisconsin business entity search, know the process to start it. You can start an effective entity search for the LLC/corporation in the state. Check out the following point to know the process.

1. Name List: The foremost thing that we will recommend you to do is to make a name list. The list of names for your business will help you check out multiple names at once. You can sort and list the names which are available.

2. Do a WI business entity search: Go to the official website of WI SOS and search by selecting the business name search option. It will allow you to check the name availability in the state of Wisconsin.

3. Go through the Results: You can check the results shown from which select the non-existing name for your business in WI. Certainly, ensure that you pick a unique name.

4. Reserve Business Name: The names which you have sort listed can be reserved with the WI SOS. You can reserve each name by filling in $25 for nonprofit businesses and $50 for other entities for 120 days. As long as you are not sure of the name you can reserve it.

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5. Register Your Business: While you register your business with WI SOS, the business name becomes officially yours. No one in the state will be able to claim your LLC/corporation name in Wisconsin.

Other Considerations After Doing Wisconsin Business Entity Search

Although you have registered your business and finalized the name in the state, there are other considerations as well that you should check out. To officially claim and secure your business you might want to go through the steps mentioned below. As long as you know the other steps to legally claim your business name there is no chance of someone else using it.

1. Search Trademark: There is a possibility that your desired name is already registered for trademark. Certainly, to avoid such circumstances you should do a trademark search. You can visit the official site of USPTO to conduct the search.

2. Social Media Name Search: Claim a social media name as well by checking out the name availability on all social media platforms. It will undoubtedly help you secure your name on social media.

3. Get a Domain: You can probably get a website for your business and start using the domain name to drive traffic. Make sure to take the same name as your business name if possible and available.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does business entities have to file an annual report in Wisconsin?

Every year all the business entities have to file an annual report to the department of state.

2. How can I request for change of business name in Wisconsin?

You have to fill up the change of request form to change your legal business name with the secretary of state.

3. Which businesses do not have to file with the state while operating any activities?

Sole proprietorship businesses do not have to file with the SOS while carrying out any business activities in the state.

4. Does the owner of the business have to get name renewals?

No, once you have decided the name for your LLC/corporation in the state, you do not have to get renewals for it.

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