Universal Studio Military Discount | Special Prices For You and Your Spouse [2023]

If you are in the military or were in the military, you can take benefit of Universal studio’s military discount. This is an excellent opportunity to save. Looking to take your kid for a nice weekend? The universal studio can be the place. Now, if you are indeed looking to save on your purchases, you must know how to get to keep it.

Universal Studio Military Discount

There is no specific mention of what exactly is the Universal Studio military discount. Although eligible members will get special prices on their tickets and also exclusive vacation packages as well. To avail of this offer, you must proof that you are in the military.

Universal Studio Military Discount
Discount Type
Special Tickets Price & Vacation packages
Where to Claim?
Ticket Counter
Contact Page
Official Website
Universal Studio

Universal Studio Rides

Who Are Eligible For The Discount?

There is no registration process for the Universal Studio veteran discount. Although, you must the spot avail documentation to prove how you are involved with the military. The universal studio has exactly mentioned who all are eligible under their terms and conditions.

Department of Defense CiviliansRetired Military
Coast GuardNational Guard
Marine CorpsSpace Force
Air ForceSpouses

Note: Dishonourably discharged military members may not be allowed to avail of this discount.

How To Get The Universal Studio Military Discount?

The best thing about their discount is that there is no registration process, unlike many others. You will simply have to verify your military status every time you visit any of the universal studios across the US.

You can use the Universal Studio military discount ticket office locator. This will help you with the address of where you can get the special discounts on your tickets at Universal.

You will simply have to visit the ticket office and show proof of your military status. As we mentioned above all who are eligible for the discount, only those military members can show their Identification cards for a special discount on tickets.

What Are The Prices For Universal Studio Tickets?

The most popular location for Universal Studios in Orlando and Florida. Hence we will give you an idea about the types of passes available to you and an estimate of how much they cost.

When you visit Orlando, you will find a range of passes. You can choose between “1 park 1-day park to park” to “3 park 5-day park to park” passes. This suggests that you also have the options of a 2-day park, a 3-day park, and so on. The prices may vary from $109.25 to $341.00 for kids and $114.50 to $350.00 for adults.

The passes would be similar in Florida as well and the prices may vary from $164.25 to $256.00 for kids and $172.50 to $262.75 for adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get the military discount tickets from the Universal Studio Hollywood box office?

No! you can only use the discount ticket prices from the specific locations mentioned by Universal Studio across the US.

2. Can military spouse avail of this military discount tickets?

Yes, you will be able to avail of the offer, although it is recommended to visit with your military spouse at the time of verification.

3. Can I simply visit the ticket office and buy it?

No, you are recommended to buy your tickets in advance to avail of the military discount.

4. What documents are required for the military status proof?

You would need a military or US government ID to get the Universal Studio military discount.

Where Else Can You Get The Military Discount?

Universal Studio Orlando tickets are the most popular location for many. Now, if you are also looking to find opportunities where you can avail of such discounts, then you can certainly check out our other guides. These can be very helpful, here are some similar recommendations for you.


This guide on the Universal Studio military discount is eligible for all military members for the year 2023. We will also keep you updated on any changes in the near future. Until then you can enjoy the special ticket prices for Universal studio for you and your spouse. Also, do not forget to carry your military or government ID card and book the tickets in advance.

If you have any queries, you can contact them or reach us through the comment section.

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