American Airlines Military Discount | Claim Reservations and Baggage Benefits

As a sincere gratitude, American Airlines gives various benefits to military personnel. The American Airlines military discount is one such benefit. But, the policy might vary from other similar service-providing companies. Here is our guide to help you through the process and claim your discount.

American Airlines Military Discount

You can avail of a 10% discount with American Airlines military discount. You can get discounts on both domestic and international flights. Also, sign up for VetRewards to claim a valid military member ID.

You can share the Vet account with 4 members of your family who can use the benefits. Book your travel tickets with American Airlines’ private engines and use your private member ID.

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Who Qualifies for American Airlines Military Discount?

All active duty military personnel is eligible to claim an American Airlines veteran discount. Along with them, reservists, retirees, military veterans, and cadets can also claim the benefits.

Dependents and spouses of eligible military members can also claim the discount with valid ID proof. Here is a complete list.

Eligible Personnel
Ineligible Personnel
National Guard
Military Veteran
Military Reserves
Marines & Coast Guard
Public Health Service
Navy & Army
Personnel with Civilian Military ID

How to Claim American Airlines Military Discount Online?

You have to register your active military ID on VetRewards to use the veteran discount for American Airlines. Check the following steps and know how online registration for Vet Advantage works.

  • Sign Up for VetRewards
  • Upload your eligible military ID
  • Vet Advantage will verify your ID and generate a member ID
  • Use the member ID to redeem American Airlines military discount for flights

American Airlines Veteran Discount on Ticket Reservations

American Airlines provides military and government fares in some markets. They provide a reservations and charges table for the United States where you can contact customer services. All the fares and reservations-related service queries will be solved by them.

Note: The numbers provided on the reservation & charges page for American Airlines may charge you as not all numbers are toll-free.

What is American Airlines Military Baggage Policy?

Eligible military officials in the US have a simple baggage check-in policy. If you are active-duty military personnel who booked tickets using American Airlines military discount then you can check the following:

American airlines checkin

  • You can check in 5 complimentary bags on the counter
  • Bags of 126 inches in size and weigh up to 100lbs
  • If you are traveling in business class then you can check in 3 complimentary bags
  • 50lbs and 62 inches are allowed to business class military customers
  • Dependents or spouses of military personnel have the same privileges
  • Make sure you present a copy of the active order with a valid military ID while checking in at the counter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be enrolled in VetRewards to use the military discount?

Yes, if you are an active-duty member or a dependent of the military official, you must be enrolled in the VerRewards to use the American Airlines Military discount.

2. Can I book my tickets with same American Airlines member ID as my military spouse?

No, you have to book each ticket with a separate member ID to get a discount for American Airlines tickets.

3. What should be the age of an individual to book a ticket from a separate member ID?

You must be 16 years or above to book a ticket from a separate Vet Advantage member ID.

4. Apart from American Airlines where can I use the military discount?

You can use the American Airlines military discount if you are flying with the private engine itself or with their qualifying marketed airlines.

Do I Get Any Other Support from AA?

Yes, American Airlines offer many other types of support to military troops. They have partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation, the George W. Bush Institute, and the Medal of Honour Foundation. These benefits are purely for the service members of the country. The airline has tried to bring positive change in the world for military officials.

Alternatives that Offer Military Discounts

American Airlines are not the only place that offers military discounts to service members of the country. There are other alternatives as well that have military discounts on their tickets. But, you certainly want to check their military discount policy to know how it works. Check the following for more details.


Thus, now with the use of American Airlines military discount, you can avail of benefits while booking your flights. Do not forget to carry your valid military id. In case you have any queries for us, you can use our comment section.

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