Hilton Military Discount | Get Exclusive Rate For Eligible Military Members and their Families

Hilton is one of the organizations, that shows their appreciation for military members with an exclusive discount. If you are looking to enjoy these benefits, you can go through our guide on understanding who are eligible for this benefit and what steps you must follow to verify your credential.

What is Hilton Military Discount?

Eligible members will certainly get discounted rates using the Hilton military discount. This discount may vary depending on the state and the hotel, you would like to live in. Particularly, the discount varies between 2% – 7%. These rates keep on changing, particularly on October 1, every year.

You can also book as many rooms as you would like. Although if you are looking to book more than 9 rooms, you would need to email government sales support.

Note: All these rates will only be valid for leisure stays and not official government or military purpose stays.

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Who is Eligible for the Discount?

Hilton allows this discount to extend to military servicemen and women, along with their families. They have special rates for your families as well. You can check out the military family rates while planning your stay.

Apart from active military, retired military members, and veterans are also allowed to enjoy these exclusive discounts on their stays with Hilton.

How To Book Your Hotel with Military Discount?

You can book your hotel room online. You simply have to choose whether you are looking for a stay just for you or with your family. Both rates will vary. For individual rates, you can plan your stay using per diem search tool. If you are looking for family rates, you can do that as well.

In both cases, you will first need to fill out basic details like what location are you looking to stay at, what kind of room you want, and for how much time you want to book it.

You can also choose to make your booking through a call. You can call at +1-800 HONORS (445-8667). Remember to mention that you are looking for the Hilton military discount and that you are a military member.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On what factors do room rates depend?

The military discount and the room rates may vary on different factors like the duration of the stay, locations, and number of people.

2. What do I need to prove my military status?

You will only need to show your valid military Id at the check-in to avail of the discount.

3. Can I search from my military base?

Yes, you can search from your military base using Hilton’s website for military personnel.

4. Can I combine other offers with the military discount?

No, you will not be able to combine any other offer with the military discount.

Other Helpful Guides For Military Discounts

If you are looking to travel alone or with your family, you would certainly need a hotel room and along with that, you might also need to look for your traveling arrangements. So just like Hilton, there are other organizations offering military discounts. So here is a list of a few, that might interest you.


We hope you were able to find the best rates for your stay. If you are still finding it difficult to find the military rates, you can certainly contact Hilton and get to know more about it. They will help you with the link or simply give you the rates you are looking for.

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