JetBlue Military Discount | Serving Those Who Serve The Nation

JetBlue is one of the primary airlines in North America. It is known for offering “budget-friendly” rates. JetBlue has an outstanding relationship when it comes to the U.S. Military. The airline has a unique JetBlue military discount, that offers special discounts and fares assistance at the airport, and other unique services for both active duty and veterans.

In this guide, we will help you with all the policies, benefits, advantages, traveling discounts, etc to make your journey happy and memorable.

JetBlue Military Discount Policy

JetBlue offers a 5% discount on its base fare to active-duty military, National Guard and Reserve personnel, retired military, and veterans and their families, who are enrolled in the Veterans Advantage program. Veterans Advantage members also are allowed to check two bags at no additional cost with a JetBlue military discount.

JetBlue Military Baggage Waiver

In addition to 5% off the base rate for your flight, military personnel can also save on baggage. JetBlue military discount allows service members to check in bags for no extra cost. The number of bags allowed under the waiver depends on the type of travel.

  • Active Duty Traveling on Orders: Are allowed to travel with 5 bags for you and your dependents. You must present travel orders at the time of check-in at the airport in order to receive the JetBlue military baggage waiver.
  • Active Duty Traveling for Leisure: Are allowed 2 bags for you and your dependents at no extra charge. A valid military ID or other type of proof of military status is required at check-in.

JetBlue Veterans Advantage Military Discount

Another way to save on your next JetBlue flight is through Veterans Advantage. It is a membership program that offers a range of benefits and discounts to military veterans. JetBlue has partnered with Veterans Advantage to provide exclusive offers and savings for its members. Their membership is available to U.S. military veterans, active duty military personnel, National Guard, Reserve members, and their family members.

  • As a Veterans Advantage member, you can access discounted fares for flights with JetBlue. These discounts may apply to both personal and business travel.
  • You will get a 5% discount on everyday travel with JetBlue to over 100 destinations.
  • Members can enjoy other benefits such as waived baggage fees, priority boarding, and dedicated customer service.
  • They get 2 checked bags of 50 lbs weight each at no charge.
  • There will be no blackout dates for this offer, and redeeming the JetBlue benefits is also simple.
  • You will also earn points if you already have a TrueBlue membership.
  • You can not apply for the JetBlue military discount at the airport.

What is JetBlue MilVetID?

JetBlue offers a program called “MilVetID” to provide seamless verification for military personnel and veterans. MilVetID is a digital ID verification system that allows military members and veterans to easily confirm their eligibility for military benefits and discounts.

By using the MilVetID, eligible individuals can verify their military status through a secure and streamlined process. This digital verification can be utilized when accessing JetBlue military discount for exclusive fares, discounts, or benefits provided by JetBlue and other participating companies.

To learn more about the MilVetID program and how to use it specifically with JetBlue, contact their customer service team and get instant information, or visit the official JetBlue website

What Non-discount Benefits Do They Offer?

With JetBlue military discount, any active duty member of the US military can get discount options when they fly with more luggage. This is applicable even if they are traveling with their dependent family. The 5 checked bags are at no charge for those traveling for duty. However, if you are traveling for leisure or simply to move around, you will get up to 2 checked bags at no cost each.

Alternatives For Military Discount

Apart from JetBlue, there are other international brands as well who offer military discounts. Here we have listed out some of our guides that give full details of the policy. Check out the following to know where you might get a military discount.

To Conclude

Honoring those who serve the nation is always a pleasure. JetBlue Airlines proudly serves discounts with its unique services. So if you are planning to fly during duty or want a family vacation, you can find out all about JetBlue military discount with their special offers and advantages.

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