Walmart Student Discount | Now Save More On Your Back To College Purchases

Students heading towards school or college always need to find classroom supplies at budget-friendly prices. Walmart is very well known for providing the best quality and low-price merchandise for its customers. In this article, we have mentioned in detail the Walmart Student discount policy.

To make your stationery supplies, and dorm essentials more affordable Walmart has student discounted plans. Let us learn about its eligibility and application process.

Walmart Student Discount

To help students save more on their school and college essentials, Walmart has come up with a unique way to provide Walmart student discount. Annually, Walmart organizes back-to-school sales in all their retail outlet and provide necessary stationery and other items at competitive prices. You simply have to visit their website where you can see the best deals on stationery, everyday essentials, and dorm items, or visit your nearest Walmart store.

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Am I Eligible For The Discount?

Walmart student discount is open to all. Walmart has not put forward any eligibility criteria for their student discount sales. However, Walmart’s back-to-school sales are hosted annually so you must be prepared to make the most of the giveaways and promotions on student and college supplies.

How To Get Walmart Student Discount?

Walmart organizes back-to-school and back-to-college in-store events. During this period people of all ages can come and purchase their required supplies at very low prices. As Walmart does not have any student discount plan, they have prepared the prices very competitively. Additionally, you can also check out the list of products that are unavailable in the back-to-college events.

Does Walmart Host Student Discount Events?

Yes, Walmart Student discount events are held annually. These are mostly in-store events and Walmart organizes them just before the beginning of each academic year. Typically, every year there is one event for school and another for college students. The events are hosted annually in all Walmart stores across the country. During these events, Walmart offers promotions and discounts on dorm supplies and stationery items.

Other Ways To Save More in Walmart

Walmart’s prices are very low against their competitors. Thus, before you plan to visit you can always check out the nearest Walmart store and online prices and in case you bought the same at a higher price, you can always go for a Walmart Price Match.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Walmart have a student discount code?

No, in order to get discounts at Walmart you don't need any discount code,

2.Is Walmart discount plan is valid in online and in-store?

No, The Walmart discount is only applicable in-store and during back-to-school events.

3. Can i return products purchased during student discount?

You have to go through the product return policy to know more about returns during discounted period.

4. Is there any list of products on which the back to college events are applicable?

Yes, back-to-college events mostly include products that students would need during their college time, like dorm supplies and stationery.

Looking for Other Stores with a Student Discount?

There are other brands too that have a student discount plan or something quite similar. Meanwhile, here are some of our other similar guides that are curated for you.


We hope this article was of much help to you. You can now save more with Walmart student discount sales events. In addition, also keep a check on Walmart to find out when they plan to host their back-to-school events.

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