Adidas Military Discount | Check Your Eligility to Save Online & In-store

Adidas is one of the most easily recognizable athletic brands out there. And if you are associated with the military, then the Adidas military discount can get you the best possible deals on sneakers, clothing, and many other items.

So if you’re looking to use this benefit, our guide will help you check your eligibility and how you can redeem your discount with ease. Let’s get started!

Adidas Military Discount Policy

The Adidas military discount offers 30% off to eligible U.S. service members. This goes for both in-store and online purchases. Outlet shoppers, on the other hand, can save 20% at any Adidas factory outlet.

Know that you’ll first have to verify your status on a third-party verification platform called to claim this discount.

Adidas military discount

Adidas Military Discount
Discount Rate
Where to Claim?
Online & In-store
Factory Outlet Discount
Contact Number
Official Website

Who Is Eligible for the Military Discount?

To use the Adidas military discount benefit, you’ll have to identify as an active-duty member, retiree, veteran, spouse, surviving spouse, or military family member.

Military family members include direct family members, so parents, spouses, siblings, and dependents all are eligible under’s policy.

Do First Responders Get Any Discounts? 

Yes, the Adidas first responder discount is the same as for military members. This allows both active and retired personnel of Law enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs/Paramedics, and 911 dispatchers to save 30% on qualifying items in-store and online.

Nike also provides the same 30% discount to those working in the following professions.

  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Medical Providers
  • Hospital employees (with proof of employment or work email address)
  • Senior citizens (65+ with a valid ID)

How to Register for the Discount?

Adidas military verification

If you consider yourself eligible as one of the above-mentioned professionals, then you just have to register yourself with as military personnel. This will prove your eligibility for the Adidas military discount online, in-store, and at factory outlets.

How to Use the Military Discount?

Once you have a verified account, you just have to confirm your email address. For online orders from, you’ll get a discount code to use at checkout.

When purchasing from a brick-and-mortar store or from a factory outlet, you may just show your account or a valid Military ID to the cashier.

Ineligible Items for the Discount

Like every other policy, the Adidas military discount also has some exclusions. This includes gift card purchases, brand collaborations, select Adidas collections, and special edition items. Their website mentions the following list.

Adidas Military Discount Exclusions
4D running shoes
limited edition Originals
Ivy Park x Adidas
Pharrell x Adidas
Disney x Adidas
Select Ultraboost
Select Tiro Shoes
adizero Adios Pro
Human Made
Select NMD Shoes
Select Superstar Shoes
Select Stan Smith Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any discounts for teachers?

Yes, the Adidas teacher discount gives 30% off to classroom teachers, principals, and college professors.

2. What is the Adidas healthcare discount?

Adidas offers 30% off to EMTs, 911 dispatchers, doctors, nurses, and many other medical providers.

3. What if my verification fails?

Their online help center can help you solve any issues with signing in to your account or document rejection.

4. Are previous purchases eligible for a discount?

No, military discounts cannot be availed on prior purchases from Adidas.

Alternative Brands/Stores for Military Discount

Just like Adidas, there are many other footwear brands that offer military discounts. So if you are open to other options, then we recommend checking the military discount policy of the following brands.

To Conclude,

Now you know how to verify your status and save 30% with the Adidas military discount. We’ve also covered the exclusions to make your purchase easy. For any issues, we recommend contacting their customer care.

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